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Home-made muesli

Home-made muesli

By Joanna from Dundee written on Friday 5th of April, 2013

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  • Ingredients:
  • - 1 pkt porage oats (original or old fashioned)
  • - 500g of a variety of dried fruit eg paw-paw, pineapple, ginger, cranberries
  • - 300g of raw mixed nuts eg cashews, hazlenuts, almonds

Cooking instructions:
Cut fruit into small pieces less then 1cm. If nuts are whole, cut into pieces. Place oats, fruit and nuts in a large container. Mix thoroughly. Serve with yoghurt or milk. Due to the fruit, sugar is not required. Stored in airtight containers, this will keep for weeks. Experiment using different fruits and nuts. Add sesame seeds or linseed. As each batch can be different, a healthy breakfast never gets boring.